Oregano is a great herb to grow hydroponically. So many recipes aren’t the same without it! You don’t need many hydroponic oregano plants in your garden- just one or two will suffice for most people. Hydroponic oregano is easy to grow and you’ll be glad to have it on hand.

Keep reading to learn how to grow your own hydroponic oregano!

Can You Grow Oregano Hydroponically?

You can grow oregano hydroponically. In fact, you can grow almost anything hydroponically! 

There are many different kinds of hydroponic systems, fertilizers, light sources, and more that allow you to grow oregano hydroponically. We’ll dive into that later!

To start, let’s talk about the benefits of hydroponic oregano.

Benefits of Growing Oregano Hydroponically

One benefit of growing oregano hydroponically is optimal resource usage. Hydroponic systems can use up to 99% less water than traditional farming or gardening. It also takes up less space and has higher yields.

Another benefit of growing oregano hydroponically is that you can completely control its environment to ensure the best results possible. You control the light, temperature, nutrients, and water. There are no outside factors to worry about.

In the same regard, growing oregano hydroponically avoids the risks associated with soil-borne diseases and pesky pests and rodents. No one will steal your oregano out of your garden or eat away at its roots!

Oregano is an often-used herb and it will certainly be helpful to have some on hand if you enjoy cooking. Even if your entire hydroponic garden isn’t oregano, having just one or two plants should do the job if you want to have it readily available.

Varieties of Oregano Commonly Grown Hydroponically

Bunch of Oregano

Some oregano species commonly grown hydroponically include Green oregano, Majoram, Golden oregano, and Syrian oregano. You can also grow ornamental oregano.

Greek oregano. This is the oregano you immediately think of. In fact, when someone says “oregano”, chances are they are referring to this variety that has the familiar oregano taste.

Majoram. Majoram is usually used in Middle Eastern cooking. It’s more mild and not as spicy as Greek oregano, but tastes similarly.

Golden oregano. Golden oregano is unique in its gold color.

Syrian oregano. This oregano is usually used in a Middle Eastern spice mixture called za’atar. Za’atar also includes ground sesame seeds and sumac. 

Ornamental oregano. Ornamental oregano is quite fragrant and, although often used ornamentally, can still be edible

Which hydroponic system is best for oregano?

Oregano thrives in many different hydroponic systems. The main hydroponic systems used to grow oregano include DWC and ebb & flow.


DWC, or deep water culture, is a kind of hydroponic system where the roots of your oregano remain suspended in the water reservoir.

Your plants are held in place above the reservoir by a growing substrate such as rock wool or coco coir, while the roots hang down into the nutrient solution below.

To keep the roots oxygenated so they don’t drown or rot, DWC utilizes air pumps and an air stone to maintain airflow.

DWC is the system of choice for many beginner growers. It’s a bit easy to under- or over- fertilize, but with that being said, DWC is simple to operate and produces great results.

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & flow systems are also used to grow hydroponic oregano. Ebb & flow hydroponic systems are also known as flood and drain systems.

Ebb & flow systems consist of a grow tray and a water reservoir. The grow tray consists of your growing medium and your oregano, while the reservoir has your nutrient solution in it.

Occasionally- usually about five times a day- the grow tray gets flooded with the nutrient-rich solution from the reservoir. This action is based on a timer that you can personalize to suit the needs of your specific plants.

Then the water and nutrients drain back into the reservoir below.

How to grow Hydroponic Oregano

Now let’s discuss each step of the growing process. 

Seeds or Clones?

You can use seeds or clones when growing hydroponic oregano. Using a cutting is the faster method.

If you’re using seeds, start your hydroponic oregano seeds in your growing medium. Rockwool cubes do the trick quite nicely.

Balance your rockwool in a pH neutral nutrient solution before you use it.

Oregano has a pretty high germination rate, ranging up to 75%.

If you already own an oregano plant or know someone who does, using a cutting will speed up the process tremendously. 

Here are the steps:

1. Take a 6 inch cutting from a grown up oregano plant. 

2. Take off the lower oregano leaves so the roots have somewhere to grow from.

3. If you want to, you can put that end in a rooting hormone.

4. Put the cutting in a grow plug.

5. Put the grow plug in your system, and voila!

PS: The cutting may look poorly for a few days, but that’s just because it’s adjusting to a new environment. Don’t worry about it!  

Hydroponic oregano Nutrient Solution

Oregano isn’t picky about its nutrient solution. Anything that works for lettuce will work for oregano. Keep the pH between 6.0 and 7.0, checking often. Keeping the pH in this region will create the ideal condition for nutrient uptake.

Use a pH kit and a pH UP or pH DOWN solution to keep your pH in check. Certain grow methods, such as DWC, are more finicky when it comes to getting the levels of of nutrient-rich water right (which can throw off the pH).

Light for hydroponic oregano

Oregano will do just fine at the edges of your light source that aren’t as intense. You will know it needs more light if it starts to grow towards the light. In that case, just make sure it’s not covering up any other plants and there’s no problem! 

Temperature for hydroponic oregano

Oregano likes a temperature of about 70 degrees F. This is a common hydroponic temperature so you likely won’t have to adjust your grow setup for this.

Harvesting Hydroponic oregano

Harvesting oregano is actually a great way to increase its production! 

Feel free to start harvesting stems when the plant is about half a foot tall. You also want to make sure you harvest enough to avoid bolting.

To harvest hydroponic oregano, cut a stem with sharp shears. Cut above a growth node in order to encourage a bushier mature oregano plant!

How to dry oregano

dry oregano

Drying oregano is a great way to make it last longer and use it in your cooking.

One way to dry hydroponic oregano is to use a food dehydrator. You can also put it in the oven at the lowest setting for a few days.

Hang-drying oregano is going to take much longer, but you’ll get the same results. Simply tie a bunch of stems together with twine and hang in a cool, dark area. Truth be told, most people dry their herbs in the kitchen anyway.

This method will likely take about a month. You will know the oregano is ready when it crumbles at the touch. Remove the leaves and store in an airtight container with the rest of your herbs!


How fast does oregano grow hydroponically?

In traditional gardens, oregano is ready to be harvested in about two months. However, plants grow faster hydroponically.

What plants Cannot be grown hydroponically?

Any plant can be grown hydroponically! There are so many ways to personalize hydroponic systems so that your plants will thrive.

What spices can be grown hydroponically?

Spices that can be grown hydroponically include basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and more. It’s a good idea to have some herbs in your hydroponic garden, especially if you do a lot of cooking.

[H3] Do herbs do well in hydroponics?

Herbs thrive in hydroponic systems. They can be finicky on kitchen windowsills and burn in the sun outdoors. Hydroponics is the perfect solution to the difficulties of growing herbs!


Hydroponic oregano will be your best friend next time you need an herb on hand! With complete control over all growing factors, your hydroponic oregano is sure to thrive. You only need one or two oregano plants in your garden in order for you to always have some available.

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